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My name is Patty Suter and along with my husband Ken, we are the owners of this wonderful equestrian facility located in Palm City, Florida. The name "Absolute Equestrians, LLC.," was chosen to reflect our intention to provide a complete equestrian facility. One which was not limited by breed or riding discipline or level of experience, but one which could offer a complete spectrum of care, training and possibilities. We are committed to both horse and rider and have designed the facilities to bring a unique atmosphere of peace, tranquility and focus to the task of training and managing the horse. Join us and experience the "The Power of Relaxation" for you and your horse.

The facility opened in 2004 and includes a 200'x 100' Lighted/Covered Arena with kick wall, a 200'x 100' Outdoor Jump Ring, Twenty Stalls, 70' Round Pen, an open Jump Field, and Natural riding areas around the 23 acres of mature oak trees. The variety of environments allows you to obtain the best of both worlds and creates a balance between work and relaxation.

Absolute Equestrians was established after several years of leasing horses at other stables and boarding our own horse. Though we had the pleasure of meeting and working with many great people in the equine industry, we felt the need for a facility where the level of ones ability is not based on how well one rides but on ones ability to provide a complete and satisfying situation for both horse and rider.

Good horsemanship is a combination of good care and management of the horse, the environment in which you ride and care for your horse and the ability to accomplish whatever goals you set for yourself. Competitor or pleasure rider the time you spend with your horse should be quality and no matter what your interests or goals, "Good Horsemanship is Universal"!

Absolute Equestrians is not your ordinary boarding facility. We have taken great time and care to establish a balance between necessary comforts and an organized work/training environment. Our facility has been designed with both the horse and rider in mind and it is our intention to provide the perfect balance where the focus is total horsemanship.

We use top quality feed by Triple Crown and hay mixes of timothy/alfalpha and grass/alfalpha. Horses are fed grain twice daily, once at 7:00am and again at 2:00pm and are provided hay a minimum of 3 times per day. Our turnout schedules allow for either day turnout between 7am - 12pm or overnight turnout of 3pm - 7am allowing for up to 15 hours of turnout, weather permitting. Alternate turnout schedules are available for an additional fee. It is also our policy to remove manure daily from pastures to limit horse exposure to parasites, maintain quality pastures and help control fly populations.

The barn: Is a concrete structure with a tin roof and hardy plank siding. With twenty (20) large 12'x 12' or 12'x 14'stalls. All stalls have the Nelson automatic waterer equipped with consumption meter to monitor the daily water intake of each horse. If at any time, the horses' normal water consumption (meter reading) is significantly different, the horse can quickly be monitor for possible illness. Nelson aluminum feed pan with removable bowl for easy cleaning. "Soft Stall" flooring system designed to be soft, comfortable and easy on the horses legs and joints. These mats are non-porous so only a small amount of shavings are needed to absorb urine. Manure and urine are removed from the stalls several times each day. We use only bagged shavings which provide a low dust atmosphere and allow for good air quality in the barn. Each stall has an exterior window, gossip gate door and aluminum bars dividers between stalls to allow horses to socialize safely in a light, well ventilated environment.

Absolute Equestrians, LLC. is a private exclusive facility and does not allow outside providers to offer services on the property. We will permit services from your professional trainer, veterinarian or farrier but all providers must be approved prior to providing services and must sign a Release of Liability and provide necessary proof of license and/or insurance. All other providers and services must be requested through Absolute Equestrians, LLC.

Current services:

Full-Time, Seasonal, Short-Term, Hurricane and Vacation Boarding.
Professional Training and Lessons with a Qualified Trainer - Sales and Lease Prospects - Grooming Services and Bathing - In Hand Walking and Grazing - Exercise - Private Turnout - Body Clipping - Tack Cleaning - Absent Owner Care and Much More...

Please take a look around the web site and e-mail us with any questions or comments. Don't forget to visit the Photo Gallery for pictures of the facilities and some of our guests. We appreciate your visiting us and hope that you find what you are looking for.

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Absolute Equestrians, LLC.

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